Predicting new-hire success

Of course it’s never 100 percent certain that a new hire is going to pan out. Making a hire is always something of a risk, but this article posted at Think Energy Group offers some tips on knowing what to look for in a successful job candidate.

  1. Conduct a job analysis. Gather and organize data about the job, such as a job description (including expectations for success), pay rate, and training needs. Involve management in the process, and be sure to use a reliable process for collecting data.
  2. Prepare a list of job-related criteria. What skills are necessary to complete the job? How much leadership training and experience should a good candidate possess? Are computer skills a must?
  3. Develop questions that are related to the job criteria. Preparing interview questions that probe into aspects of the candidate’s personality, attitude and initiative are often as important as ones about work experience and skills.
  4. Develop a simple candidate rating form. Nothing too detailed, just a quick reference sheet, but leave plenty of room for making notes about each candidate.
  5. Don’t forget that past behavior is a predictor of future behavior. This information is important. Ask for specific examples when candidates claim to, for example, work well with others or have good communication. Learn about their behavior in the workplace.

Remember that the behavior that you are observing during the interview represents the candidate at his or her best. “If you are not happy with what you are seeing and hearing, it’s not going to get any better,” the article states. “As you evaluate each candidate, recognize that he is putting his best foot forward. It that effort is not good enough, keep looking.”

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