Identifying Growth Potential in Employees

Identifying Growth Potential in Employees

While many employers rightfully hire employees to fill a certain position, employers might be well-served to also keep in mind where the employee they hire today will fit in the company 5, maybe 10 years from now. Are your employees climbing the ladder of success, or are they hanging out on the bottom rung?

Staffing firm Clark Personnel Service wrote an article about identifying the potential for upward mobility in employees. Here are the traits they identify for spotting the rising stars at your company:

Handling change: Can they handle the stress that comes along with a change in their daily routines, or do they wilt under the pressure?

Working independently: “The future of organizations does not lie in micromanagement,” the article states. “The best employees can take a project and make it shine on their own from start to finish, while not being afraid to ask for input when it is most dire.”

Continuing education: Their commitment to learning, both professionally and personally, factors into who they are. Even the kinds of hobbies your employees have are potential indicators.

Dream jobs: Asking a prospective employee about their “dream job” says plenty about a candidate. “It can showcase their spirit and value, as well as their commitment to the career at hand,” the article states.

Self-employment: Going into business for yourself says a lot about character. People who care enough to start their own business are “the folks that will bring roots to your organization, and provide dependability.”

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