Identify Growth Potential in your hires

How To Tell If A Candidate Has Growth Potential, an article on, outlines how to spot growth potential in a job candidate. Employers are looking for employees who cannot only do the job they’re hired to do, but have the potential to move up into higher positions, including those of leadership, as their career progresses. Here are a few things employers can do to find potential hires who want to develop as people and as employees:

Ask the right questions. Go beyond the more obvious interview questions. Get a sense of who they are and how they operate. “Dig a little deeper and get a conversation going about their goals and what they have planned for their lives and their family,” the article states.

Look for certifications and continuing education. Does your prospective hire go out of his or her way to learn while in their positions? Taking continuing education courses, seminars and extra training, especially those they have to pay for themselves, shows a commitment to personal growth. “Be wary of candidates who seem to have no interest in future learning,” the article states.

Find motivating factors. What makes your candidates tick? A job seeker’s motivations are his or her own, but if those motivations seem at odds with the goals of your company, you may want to rethink hiring them. “Look for the candidates who are hungry for success (but not obnoxious in their pursuit of it) and those who truly want to better themselves and provide more for their futures.”

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