Free Candidate Sourcing resources, Part II

Candidate sourcing is hard. There. We just said it. There’s a ton of turnover; it’s difficult to organize and maintain; and it’s time consuming. Any free tools to make sourcing a little simpler can make this awkward process easier. So here are a few tools that might just help you become a sourcing champ:

LinkedIn Recruiter Search/Cross-Reference: Our friends at SourcingHacks brought this tool to our attention. The LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to cross-reference candidates from other sources, which could be helpful in obtaining more background information and qualifications on prospective employees.

AIRS Sourcing Report: When you need to find the best talent, AIRS offers free monthly tips, tricks and technology to make your job a little easier. It is free to subscribe, and you can comb archives for a wealth of knowledge.

Boolean Black Belt Sourcing Guide: A “treasure trove” of guides, tools, how-tos, and other resources, the Boolean Black Belt guide features more than 100 posts and how-to guides that’ll have you sourcing circles around the less prepared.

Mereo Free Sourcing Tool: A versatile recruiting app that can make directly sourcing candidates much easier.

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