Find the best employee: How to achieve new hire success

When searching for a new employee, it’s important to find the one you feel has the best chance at success in their position. Hiring an employee ill-suited to the job is arguably as worthless as having no one at all. But how do you know which candidate is best for the job?

An article by writer Ben Willis on titled Avoiding the Wrong Hire: Keys to Recruiting Successful Employees,outlines several ways to avoid the pitfalls associated with making a bad hire, including:

Predictive Hiring: Today employers can take advantage of hiring tools that can pull data from resumes and social media, or utilize candidate assessments that can predict the candidate’s fitness for the job.

Collaborative interviewing: Involving others in the interview process, such as managers and other employees in the department, allows for more voices to be heard, and potential top candidates (or red flags) can be discussed and addressed. An interactive, collaborative method of interviewing allows the people working closely with the candidate to identify potential issues before hiring.

Accelerated Onboarding:  Willis claims a “strategic and consistent” onboarding process is as important as candidate selection. “An established accelerated onboarding program seamlessly brings new hires up-to-speed on the company’s operations and his or her new role.” Getting the new hire in the mix early is vital to his or her success.

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