Checking the Candidate's Work Experience

“Relevant work experience” is a vague term, at best. Though everyone is looking for it, it’s often difficult to decide what work experience is relevant for an employer. The article “How to Check a Prospective Employee’s Experience” by Demand Media’s Lisa McQuerrey offers some suggestions on deciding which work experience is relevant to a job you’re hiring for, including:

Verify previous employment. First off, find out whether the applicant actually worked where and when he/she said they worked, and that his/her job is as described on the resume.

Call references. Ask the reference to describe the candidate’s work experience to the best of their ability. Ask follow-up questions as necessary.

Ask in-depth interview questions. Ask more probing questions that get into the depth of their experiences.

Consider alternate experiences. Have an open mind about what “relevant work experience” really is. Communication skills, critical thinking, and teamwork are universal skills that would be a benefit in most positions.

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