Benefits of hiring recent graduates

Many employers place value on experience in their new hires, and as a consequence will avoid hiring recent college graduates to their teams. An article on the LinkedIn Talent Blog by writer Steven Rothberg outlines some of the benefits of onboarding recent grads.

First and perhaps most obvious is compensation. Younger workers have less experience, and therefore typically demand less salary. While a more seasoned worker may be more productive and skilled, Rothberg writes that sometimes “the spread between that productivity and compensation is so wide that it is more cost effective to hire multiple inexperienced workers to do the work of fewer experienced workers.”

A familiarity with technology is another benefit. For many of today’s graduates, there isn’t a time that computers, cell phones, and other mobile devices didn’t exist in their homes. This familiarity breeds a comfort level that many older workers just will never have.

A willingness to collaborate is another trait of the younger worker. Rothberg states, “although some employers bemoan the perceived ability of Gen Y workers to work independently, even those employers tend to recognize the ability of Gen Y workers to communicate with and leverage the talents of those around them.”

Hiring young employees and grooming them to become tomorrow’ leaders builds a culture of leadership in the office. “Recruiting your next Chief Marketing Officer from within is far less expensive and far less risky than luring that person from another organization,” Rothberg said.

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