Augment Tech Talent Externally

An article by James Kaplan, Naufal Khan and Roger Roberts titled “Winning the Battle for Technology Talent” outlines tips for leveraging talent from outside the company. While it’s important to develop and retain talent internally, the authors state, bringing in new blood adds fresh skills, ideas and perspectives to your company.

Here are some of their suggestions for most effectively integrating new talent to your business:

Buy whole teams where feasible. Acquiring smaller firms or merging is often a good way of building your company’s capabilities. Of course, this may not be realistic for smaller businesses.

Rethink location strategies when necessary. “IT organizations created tremendous value over the past decade by relocating functions to less expensive locations,” Kaplan, Khan and Roberts wrote. This can be risky and cumbersome, but can pay off if the situation is right.

Draft the best athlete. In the absence of a perfectly qualified candidate, hire someone with good problem-solving and communications skills and let them develop skills along the way.

Leverage the network. Hiring a couple of power players with large networks in key leadership positions can pay off, as they can use their networks to make new hires.

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