Attract and Hire Recent College Graduates

We have already touted the potential benefits of bringing recently-graduated workers to your workforce. But how do you go about bringing them into the fold?

How to Attract and Hire Recent College Graduates published on lists some strategies for attracting fresh-faced college grads to your workplace and taking full advantage of their talents through training and experience-building…then keeping them to reap the benefits of your hard work, rather than losing them to another company. The article provides the following tips:

Get social. Be visible on the Web, especially on social media. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are the most visible, but find out where your audience frequents and get yourself established there.

Look beyond the resume. Remember that a new graduate is full of unrealized potential, so figure out what they have to offer. “Try behavioral interviewing techniques to see what makes the candidate tick."

Ease the transition. Make things as easy for them as possible, and try to answer most of the common questions right away. Have a formal onboarding program that sets expectations and outlines team members responsible for day-to-day tasks like benefits, payroll and training. Also, taking new hires to lunch makes them feel welcome.

Train early and often. What recent grads have in enthusiasm and raw skill, they often don’t have in practical experience. Have a training program in place, even if it is an informal gab session with a couple of co-workers. Revisit often.

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