ITT Technical Institute's Career Services Department

A "Win" for Employers

We provide a customized search and screening process tailored to your needs. We take the skills, knowledge and characteristics you look for in prospective employees and work to connect you with ITT Tech graduates that meet your requirements. This is a complimentary service to help you and our graduates.

Who We Are

The ITT Technical Institutes provide technology-oriented undergraduate and graduate degree programs to help students develop skills and knowledge they can use to pursue career opportunities in a variety of fields. With over 130 locations, the ITT Technical Institutes serve over 40,000 students in 38 states and online. Headquartered in Carmel, IN, the ITT Technical Institutes have been actively involved in the higher education community since 1969.

Top Five Reasons to Find Your Future Employees at ITT Tech

  1. Our Directors of Career Services will provide a customized search and screening process tailored to your needs.
  2. We have over 130 campuses in 38 states, each with its own Career Services professionals who know the skills possessed by their students and graduates. Connected by a National Career Services Team, we have the breadth and capacity to help service your needs across the country.
  3. We offer a diverse portfolio of degree programs at both the master, bachelor and associate degree levels. Our emphasis is on lifelong learning and professional development that can help our graduates continue to evolve upon entering the workforce, providing you with well-rounded and educable employees.
  4. Students graduate each quarter, allowing a continuous stream of graduates to help satisfy your current hiring needs.
  5. We encourage employer feedback regarding our curriculum through our Program Advisory Committees. Employers can also meet and interview our students and graduates on our campuses.